Veronica Eulenberg is a passionate learner; once she starts working on a project, it's hard for her to stop. She began learning basic HTML and CSS when she was around nine years old. She got into game design with Scratch and 3D animations with Alice3. Around twelve she got less interested in programming and more interested in marine biology and theater. Then, in November of 2016, she really wanted to make a website that helped her memorize lines from the play she was currently in, and just like that, she got addicted to programming with JavaScript and PHP! She also loves RegExes; it gives her a thrill when the computer can find exactly what she wants with just a little line of code.

email: veronica.eulenberg@gmail.com
phone: 1 (650) 353 - 6281
Front End Certificate


Wiki Search

Framework BootStrap

Ever wanted to bookmark your wikipedia searches temporarily? Well now you can! With my wiki search app :)

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HTML/CSS jQuery RegEx
Framework BootStrap

Ever wanted a very cute calculator that did more than just calculate? Your wish has been granted!

  • You can do simple calculations.
  • Or ones that are a little more complex.*
  • You can change the virtual casing.*
  • You can request word problems to solve.*
  • I've also included a random goofy button! Try to figure out what it does :)

*comming soon

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Bah Bah Arwen

HTML/CSS/JavaScript jQuery Timing
Photo Editing GIMP
Audio Editing QuickTime Player
Framework BootStrap

Do you like playing Simon says? Do you like sheep? Do you like colors and noises? This is the game for you!

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Tic Tac Toe

HTML/CSS jQuery Timing Binary Number Functions
Framework Bulma

Easy peasy lemon squeezy tic tac toe game.

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Build a Website: Histocial

You will be able to log on anonymously and pretend to be a historical figure. It will have a chat area and profiles to further read about the figures. You can also fill out a form to submit your favorite figures.

have the beta version ready by the new year's

Make a (what used to be) Route 66 Documentary

I want to go across America while trying to stay on route 66 and record every step of the way. I'll be comparing my experience with people from the movies I've watched. Meeting people will also be pretty significant, hey maybe I'll get some people in this documentary! Interview them or something. I want to shoot for 30 minutes of good content.

do this either this fall or next spring